Kinder in Guatemala

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This lands Guatemala in 102nd place out of 189 surveyed countries. Switzerland, by contrast , is in second place with IHDI of 0.882.

*The inequality-adjusted human indes (IHDI) measures inequality in various countries. The IHDI considers inequality in education, health, and income; s scores range from 0 (lowest) to 1 (highest).


8,000 USD

Switzerland: 65,610 USD


Guatemala ranks 72 out of 117 surveyed countries.

*The Global Hunger Index ranks and tracks annually the hunger situation at the local, regional, and global scale. A score of 0 means no hunger and those above 50 are "extremely alarming".

Challenges in Guatemala

  • Social inequality is enourmous: 40% of the populations is indigenous and extremely disadvantaged.
  • Guatemala is ranks ninth in the WorldRiskIndex. This calculates the risk of disaster as a consequence of extreme natural events and the societal vulnerability of a country. Guatemala is particularly at risk due to climate change and the very existence of its small farmers is under threat.
  • The situation with regard to education is precarious: a mere 41.8% of children in our project areas attend compulsory preschool or kindergarten.