Kinder am Essen

Balanced Nutrition for Mayan Children

Ausgewogene Ernährung für Maya-Kinder

Pajomel, Chuitzanchaj and Laguna Seca, Municipality of Santa Cruz la Laguna, Atitlán-Highlands, Department Sololá, Guatemala

Food security, Hygiene, Awareness-raising,
early childhood development, Assistance for self-help

Direct: 125 indigenous families

Indirect: another 100 families (700 persons)

Asociación Vivamos Mejor Guatemala, Panajachel, Guatemala

The total budget payable by Vivamos Mejor amounts to CHF 738'482.


Project background

According to the World Food Organization, Guatemala ranks among the five countries with the highest rate of chronic malnutrition in the world. In the Department of Sololá in Guatemala, over 65% of children face malnutrition. In indigenous village communities, these numbers even raise to 75%. The reasons are manifold: The maize harvests of the Mayan families are threatened by the increasing overexploitation of land and difficult climatic conditions. Many children suffer diarrhoeal diseases due to poor hygiene conditions. In addition, families often lack knowledge about healthy nutrition and there-fore have an unbalanced diet.

Project goals

400 Children eat a more sufficient and balanced diet and are better able to digest the food.

  • 125 families increase the availability of nutritious food through a diversified and sustainable maize cultivation and poultry farming.

  • 125 families know the basics of healthy nutrition and are in the position to feed their children with a balanced diet.

  • 125 families handle water and food more hygienically and understand the relationship between hygiene and diarrhoea.

  • 125 families know and use the services of the health centers if their children are malnourished.

Project activities

We carry out the following activities:

  • Diversification of Maize Fields

  • Awareness Campaign

  • Workshops on Healthy Eating

  • Breastfeeding and appropriate Nutrition

  • Latrines and Water Filters

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Portrait Ixim

That's how Vivamos Mejor helped me

"The CEIBI was for me a safe haven where children can nurture their hidden potential. My personal dream is to complete my training and open a car garage so I can financially support my parents.”

Ixim was part of CEIBI for 3 years (Centro de Educacíon Inicial Bilingüe Intercultural), an innovative learning method that aims to prepare Maya children for a successful school career as well as strengthen the integration of the indigenous population.

Ixim Ixquiar, 15, Chiquix de Nahualá, Sololá, Guatemala

Vivamos Mejor
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