Maya Kinder in Guatemala

Our Partners


Our Partners in Latin America

Unlike other larger NGOs, we have no cooperation offices or agencies in our project countries. We do this not only for financial reasons, but also because it is our belief that local partner organizations that are already established there are most familiar with the conditions, problems, and opportunities in those countries.

That aside, our local partners in Brazil (Centro de Agricultura Alternativa Vicente Nica (CAV)), Guatemala (Asociación Vivamos Mejor Guatemala), Colombia (Fundación Apoyar), and Nicaragua (Libros para Niños) with their years of experience are fully and professionally committed to their beneficiaries. Experts from different areas organise themselves into interdisciplinary teams and they can thus network with each other and work more efficiently. 

Our Partners in Switzerland

Vivamos Mejor relies on strong partners not only in Latin America, but also in Switzerland. These are our valuable donors, other aid organizations with whom we collaborate, and, of course, the many loyal business partners, some of which have been helping us for years turn our vision into reality.

Reliable Partners: Business and Foundations

Our donors support Vivamos Mejor’s work with both small and large financial contributions. These donations are important to us not only because they indicate that the donors place their trust in us, but also that we are working for the right cause. 

As a business-oriented foundation, our base comprises large and sometimes international companies, and also small and medium Swiss companies. In addition, we have shown many institutions and foundations alike the value of our work and over the years they have become an important source of not only material support, but they also help via their networks and offer valuable advice. Vivamos Mejor is one of the many recognized partners of Swiss Solidarity.

A huge THANK YOU to all who support us! Here are some of our major financial partners in Switzerland (in alphabetical order):

Other Partners

Various translations of our project documents have been made possible thanks to PerMondo, which provides free translations of websites and documents for charitable organisations (a project under Mondo Agit). Translators: Lourdes Gay Punzano, Germain Manga Zoa, Lowe Ornella, Angélique Sarcy, Térence Fouda, Gael Yvette Bilounga Mboke, Sandrine Fleurot, Aurélie Bartholomée, Catherine Meunier, Justine Pignol, Sakina N'ait Karroum.

Cooperation as the Key to Success

Vivamos Mejor values strategic alliances with other state, private, and non-profit agencies. We believe it is worthwhile to work together toward common goals. 

Public-private partnerships and collaboration with social entrepreneurs provide much potential for mutual cooperation, which we will further expand and deepen over the next few years. Collaboration with professional organizations, universities, and vocational schools with their respective expertise in our areas of focus will play an especially important role.

We participate in diverse networks and are dedicated to organised professional exchange among humanitarian foundations in Switzerland.