Projekt Wissen sichert Wasser

Knowledge saveguards water

Protecting mangrove forests and preserving livelihoods

Knowledge saveguards water : Protecting mangrove forests and preserving livelihoods

Nicaragua, department of Chinandega, municipality of Puerto Morazán, the communities of Los Limones, Luis Andino, 4 Esquinas, El Limonal, Puerto Morazán, part of the dry belt and the protected area of the Estero Real river delta.

Sustainable water management, protection of natural resources for survival.

Direct: 1'150 persons, 5 municipality representatives

Indirect: 11'829 persons

Centro Humboldt

The planned project costs to be borne by Vivamos Mejor over the three-year period amount to CHF 539,653. To cover the costs, we are applying for support from cantons, municipalities, foundations and church communities.

2020 – 2022

Project background

The rural inhabitants of the protected area around the Estero Real river delta, which is part of the dry belt of Nicaragua, work on monoculture plantations and also cultivate small plots of land for their own needs. The owners of the monocultures overuse the natural resources of soil and water and damage the protected mangrove forests. The local population can only look on as their freshwater reserves are increasingly salinated by deforestation and consumed by banana, peanut and sugar cane monocultures. The municipality has neither the necessary knowledge nor the planning tools to counteract this development and to promote the conservation and reforestation of the protected area.

Project goals

  • The authorities of the municipality will have the necessary information and be empowered to focus the Estero Real water area plan on the conservation, rehabilitation and protection of natural resources and to implement it with the relevant stakeholders.

  • The damage to the Estero Real river delta and its protected area as a result of human intervention will be reduced.

  • 230 rural families will have access to drinking water and be empowered to manage their water sources in a coordinated and sustain- able manner.

Insight into the project work (Video in Spanish with German subtitles)

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