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Kinder in Guatemala

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Spendebeispiel 50

For more independence

50 francs will, for example, enable a family to plant 20 fruit trees to supplement their diet and generate additional income.

Spendebeispiel 100

For more education

100 francs will, for example, enable you to train 2 childminders, who will then look after 15 children each and prepare them for school.

Spendebeispiel 200

For more opportunities

With 200 francs, for example, you can provide vocational training for a young person and place him or her in the labour market.

Musikschule Wil

The students of Music School Wil have made a major contribution to our projects with the collections from their music camp concert. 

“It is important to us to help the children for whom a good education is not a given.”

Johannes Pfister, Music Camp Leader

Vivamos Mejor
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