Better Living Conditions for Latin America

Vivamos Mejor

Vivamos Mejor is committed to helping socially marginalized population groups in Latin America to give them fair opportunities for social participation, education, income, and so they can overcome poverty through their own efforts.

Bauern in Guatemala

Why We're Needed

Latin America is facing massive challenges

After years of economic growth and social advancement, hunger is making its presence felt again in Latin America. At the same time, government social programmes are being dismantled due to economic stagnation and political crises. And of course this is hitting the poorest and most vulnerable the hardest.

Climate change represents a massive threat to Latin America's food security

Central America is already feeling the very real effects of climate change. Forecasts estimate that these effects will slash the yields of basic food crops if no effective countermeasures are taken.

Without education there is no social participation and no economic future

Latin America is the region with the starkest inequality in the world. Research on equal opportunities shows that support for children at a very young age increases their opportunities for education and thus directly contributes to the narrowing of the so

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